Coach Me Strong

A one-on-one exercise coaching program for people with Parkinson’s,
other neurological challenges, or who are just getting a little older.
Be stronger. Feel Better. Have an accountability partner.

Parkinson’s Disease

THE ONLY THERAPY we know of that can actually slow the progression of Parkinson’s Disease is EXERCISE. We also know that some days it is just plain hard to get off the couch.

Coach Me Strong gets you moving and gives you an accountability partner – your coach – to work with every day to help you be stronger and more powerful.

Other Neuro Challenges

As with Parkinson’s, exercise is one of the best medicines for any neuro challenge – MS, Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, Stroke, traumatic brain injury, and others.

Coach Me Strong gives you a coach – someone to talk to every day, someone who will guide your exercise program to meet YOUR NEEDS – a coach who understands your challenges.

Generation-O/W (Older/Wiser)

There is Generation-X, Y, Z, and now there is Generation-O/W. You are the wise ones. Life has shown you that the key to a great time is being proactive about your health, and there is no better way to do that than through exercise.

Our highly trained coaches will set up a customized program FOR YOU and communicate with you daily.

Coach Me Strong client Ann Connelly and her coach, Christina Dinh, PT, DPT.

Dr. Abigail Lawler on referring her patients to Coach Me Strong.

Behind the curtain at Coach Me Strong. Coach Me Strong co-founder Jeff Seckendorf is interviewed by Justin McClintock on the Feel Strong Fitness Podcast. How we started and how we keep going. Click here.

The complete history of Coach Me Strong as told by co-founder Jeff Seckendorf, interviewed by Russell Cosway of the Green Elephant Show.

What are the most valuable benefits you feel like you have gotten from Coach Me Strong?
It holds me accountable to work out everyday. I don’t want Christina to get mad at me.

If you had one thing to say to your coach, what would that be?
Thanks for being there to support me.

If you were telling a friend about Coach Me Strong, what would you say?
It’s a great program and it is really helping me.

Izzy Unger, Coach Me Strong Client

The benefits of a structured exercise program through coaching:

  • Your structured program is set up in “cycles” to meet your goals.
  • The big picture is a year-long cycle.
  • The year is made up of month-long cycles.
  • The month is made up of weekly cycles.
  • Your coach designs these cycles specifically for you.
  • Your coach is your accountability partner.
  • Your coach will challenge you while setting you up for success.


The Coach Me Strong program is a dual program. You, the care partner, are part of the team, but you no longer have to go solo. We will stand by you as WE drive your partner with a daily structured program designed personally for him or her. We will give you back some space to do the things you love, and take care of the person you love. (Care partners only click here – not all you patients, athletes, Gen-O/W’s.)

The Process

  1. As a new client, you will complete an intake and assessment questionnaire where you define your goals, schedule, current exercise program, and any challenges you currently face, along with the participation of any care partner(s). You will also sign a standard waiver and release.
  2. Our assessment team will recommend one or more coaches to you. We will forward you their bios and resumes. We will consult with you on who would be the best coach for you. Our coaches include physical therapists, exercise physiologists, personal trainers, and others. You are welcome to contact the coaches prior to making a choice.
  3. After you are assigned a coach we will train you on using our calendar and communications app. This is a very simple system for getting your workouts and chatting with your coach daily.
  4. Your coach will create a customized plan for you. The plan will be weekly and delivered to your online calendar. You will send your coach weekly scheduling conflicts so the coach does not schedule something that cannot be accomplished. If you have current programs in place such as yoga, Pilates, boxing, etc. your coach can integrate those sessions into your calendar.
  5. The weekly plan includes a wide variety of training – strength, balance, and movement; core, strength, and aerobic fitness; nutrition and hydration recommendations; online and live sessions, and much more.
Contact us to find the perfect coach who will create the perfect exercise training program for you.