Care Partners Only

Hey care partners (care partners only…all you Parkson’s people, MS people, stroke folks, Gen-O/W’s, please click back to the home page. We’re just having a little chat with your care partners.)

Okay, are we alone now? Care partners only?

Here’s the deal. You know the person you are caring for is stonger, healthier, more fun, and generally better with a proper exercise program.

We know that lethergy can be a dangerous bedfellow. Lack of energy is so common in anyone challenged by a neurological disease, or even in someone just getting a little older. Coach Me Strong is an “anti-lethergy” company. We are here to help you.

We will take on the role of accountability partner. We will encourage, guide, prod – whatever it takes – to get your spouse, partner, parent, friend in a consistent, structured exercise program. We will take on your partner as our responsibility for daily exercise.

If you spend part of your day asking, encouraging, prodding, or even nagging your partner to exercise because YOU know it’s the best medicine available, we can help. We will take on that role. We will be the accountability partner.

The Coach Me Strong program is a dual program. You, the care partner, are part of the team, but you no longer have to go solo. We will stand by you as WE drive your partner with a daily structured program designed personally for him or her. We will give you back some space to do the things you love, and take care of the person you love.

Call us. We will be happy to talk to you about the Coach Me Strong program and our team. Click here.