Masters Athletes

Masters Athletes. Sometimes this is defined by a governing body of a sport setting a minimum age for competition. This can be as low as 35 years old. But deciding you are a masters athlete is also a state of mind.

As we age up, our bodies change. They tolerate some thing more easily than when we were young, and some things less easily. But one thing is certain – aging up requires attention.

Our primary goal at Coach Me Strong is to make you stronger/faster/better WITHOUT INJURY. Being injured leaves you with two distinct issues. One is you are injured. The second is you can’t train.

Structured training means more than week after week of bike rides, or runs, or swims. It is about a lifestyle of fitness – a proper combination of aerobic, anerobic, and strength training combined with proper nutrition and hydration and, maybe more importantly, enough rest and recovery.

Often, masters athletes are still working, raising families, and just generally doing life, so we also have be sensitive to the fact that we are not professional athletes whose only responsibility is to train. A proper program for masters athletes takes life into account, also.

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