Generation O/W – Older and Wiser

Older and wiser. Doesn’t that feel good? Who needs Gen-X, Y, or Z? We are the wise ones.

But no matter how young you feel, your body is aging. On the other hand, 70 is the new 40. Masters athletes are setting records all over the world in age groups that used to be reserved for people in nursing homes.

So regardless of whether you’re racing a triathlon or walking around the  block, we will add to your quality of life.

The Coach Me Strong program gives you two critical elements to any great exercise program – structure and accountability.

Your coach will provide you daily workouts. Your current activities will continue and we’ll add others –  yoga, Pilates, boot camps, etc. Plus nutrition, hydration, and the mental aspects of exercise.

But your coach will add structure. And structure provides consistency, and consistency leads to a stronger body, better movement, and a better life.

Your coach will also be your accountability partner – your partner in “getting it done” every day. Each day you will have another workout in your calendar. Click on the workout, do the exercise, and mark it complete. Then send your coach a note and let him or her know how it went. You will hear back from your coach to answer questions, or just be your cheerleader. Communication is key. There is no “radio silence” in Coach Me Strong.

Not sure if this is right for you? Contact us to set up a call and we will answer all your questions. But in the mean time, here are some insights about exercise and attitude from nurse practitioner Sherrie Gould:

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