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PMD Alliance Therapy Break™

With founders Jeff Seckendorf, Marty Acevedo, and coach Christina Dihn

Exercise is one of the things that can help slow progression of the disease, but what is best for your lifestyle and abilities? What if you had a virtual personal coach that will work with you individually to develop a structured exercise program that delivers exercises daily to you along with accountability. Coach me Strong is a program that offers one-on-one coaching for those with movement disorders. Join us for an interactive discussion about this format for exercise with coach Jeff Seckendorf and Marty Acevedo as they share how structured exercise can help build strength and improve functional mobility.

Today’s Plan and Coach Me Strong

Coach Me Strong Partners with Today’s Plan to Bring Training Programs to People with Parkinson’s and Other Neurological Disorders. Click here for more info.


Insights from some of our clients and coaches:

Coach Me Strong client Ann Connelly and her coach, Christina Dinh, PT, DPT.

Coach Me Strong client and co-founder Marty Acebedo and her coach, Danica Edelbrock, M.S..

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